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User Permissions

Access to data in FlightSpan™ Ops is customized based on user permissions. If you can’t access information that you need, communicate with your company FlightSpan™ administrator about giving you additional permissions.

For example, Maintenance Controller may have a fairly short list of permissions,

Whereas the company administrator may have permissions that cover several pages. 

Menus available to each user change based on permissions. Those with fewer permissions will see shorter menus.

With more permissions, more menu items will be visible.


When following a link, breadcrumbs at the top of certain pages indicate where you were previously. You can click on any of the breadcrumbs to return to that page. 

Search and Sort

Lists of information can be searched using one or more of the search windows at the tops of each column, and can be sorted by clicking on the blue headers.

Clicking the Reset button will remove search results and restore the default sort order.

Lists with an export option will only export the visible records (the default is 20 records per page). If you wish to export all records from your search results, first select Show All.

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