Pilot Staff

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In order for pilot staff to be available for flight scheduling and managing flight currency requirements, pilots must be included in the Active Pilots roster. Before a pilot can be added to the pilot roster, they must first exist as a Staff/User in FlightSpan™ Ops.

From the Settings menu, select Staff/Users

Then select Pilots List from the Pilots menu.

 Add a new pilot to the roster by clicking on the green plus button and searching for their name.

Leave the status Active for the pilot to be available for flight duty. Inactive makes them unavailable for flight duty, but they can still use FlightSpan™ Ops. 

Flight hours and Hours As of Date are for informational purposes only and do not affect the pilot logbook. [insert link]

Set the pilot weight and the company unit of measure. Pilot weight will be used in weight and balance calculations.

Change Foreigner status to Yes if the pilot is not a citizen of the country being operated in. 

The new pilot is now available to be scheduled, and you may begin managing their Currency Status.

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