Saved Passengers

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Search and Edit

When adding a passenger to a flight request, payment, or scheduled flight, passengers that are already in the database can be searched by name.

Saved passenger information can be edited by users with appropriate permissions set. If the passenger is already on the record being edited, click on the blue passenger icon.

To edit the passenger name, click the pencil icon next to their names. You will be asked to confirm that you want to change the name.

Personally Identifiable Information will be hidden from users without the View Details Protected Pax Info permission.

Note that changing the Default Weight will not affect a Payment being edited, or any loads already associated with a Payment. It will only affect future Payments.

If you wish to update passenger weight on a Payment, or any load associated with a Payment, the weight must be manually edited.

Note: Updating passenger weight will automatically update flight requests and scheduled flight details that are not already associated with a Payment.

View Passenger Details

Passenger details can be viewed by hovering over the passenger icon.

If you wish passenger details to be printed on the manifest, be sure the Pax Details box is checked in the print dialogue box.

The printed manifest will have a separate “Passenger Details” section.

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