Flightspan™ Ops Release Notes 4.2.6

New Features

  • Add Ability to Cancel Flight Requests and have an automatic email sent to the customer when this action occurs.
  • Added ability to apply Surcharges to a quote which are a cost only that doesn’t relate to specific loading. These surcharges are always associated with an open total rate.
  • Added a Single Markup line on quote with an auto-calculating value based on a Percentage of the Entire Quote


  • Optimize Internal Flight Schedule Report to include all notes associated with flight and a summary of requested loading per leg (if company setting is checked) and the account number for charges (if applicable and company setting is checked)
  • ICAO Form 06, ICAO Form 08, and Flights by Purpose Codes reports made available for all subscribers
  • Updated in-app help text related to Aircraft Weighing
  • Enabled Ground Time on Final Schedule Flight Leg. This final ground time is included in the height of scheduled flights on the scheduling calendar.
  • Now displaying Scheduled Flight Date in local time on the Flight Summary Report
  • Renamed “Locked Claimed Cash Report” to “Locked Unclaimed Cash Report”
  • Optimized and Refined Deferred Income Reports and Deferred Income Export
  • Added Setting (“Use nominal cruise speed for computing flight time for quotes and payments”) To Simplify Calculation of Flight Time on Quote Tool
  • Sorted Rate Formulas in List by Effective Date
  • Removed Links to Old Waypoint Export
  • Added Company Setting (“Restrict Cash Deposit Forms to single day”) to Enable Limiting Cash Deposits to a Single Day
  • Updated the “Tax by Province Report” to Be Available in a Simplified format for PDF
  • Modified the Daily Cash Deposit Form to be grouped by payment types for daily totals. Also loads on this report are now consolidated into a single line wherever they share a common Purpose Code.
  • Added internal logic so that when requests with quote surcharges are added to the scheduling calendar, loading details are applied, but the automaticly created route is not effected by the departure/destination of that surcharge route.
  • Added Change History Recording of Payment/Load Creation
  • Added a new Excluded filter status on payment list to view accounts marked as excluded from billing
  • Export billing data now includes records that have zero value so they get marked as exported
  • Added “flight time” and “open total value” fields to the flight schedule loads form when applicable.
  • Added a helpful description to to Cash Receipts by Type Report
  • Updated onscreen help details associated with Quote Page Size company setting
  • Added Permission Allowing Staff to be Assigned to Only View Payments and Reprint Receipt
  • Default ground time for newly created scheduled flight legs is now automatically increased for fuel stops based on aircraft type preference value (Additional Ground Time For Refueling)
  • Round flight leg totals to the nearest tenth of an hour on flight details view
  • Optimize manifest schedule fuel burn calculations to match EFB

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Two Week Flight Schedule Synced to EFB to Always Include Pilot Name
  • Fixed a bug preventing leg time recalculation when a route is added to a scheduled leg
  • Fixed a Bug showing the Wrong Target Unit on Unit Conversion View Details
  • Corrected the Help Label text on Rounding fields
  • Fixed a bug causing certain schedule fields to be reverted when status is updated
  • Fixed a bug with Schedule Leg Payload Capacity Relating to Takeoff Reductions
  • Fixed bug where nav waypoint link was giving an error when clicked on from a route list
  • Fixed a bug with calculated_payload not being stored in the database correctly
  • Fix bug breaking Chart Revisions Review Page
  • Fix bug causing the very first consistent due date currency event to calculate due date incorrectly
  • Fix a bug preventing the archival of waypoints

New Permissions

The following permissions are new and used for allowing a user to create update and delete non-flying/non-maintenance events on the scheduling calendar:

  • FSO / Payment / Payment View
  • FSO / Request / Request Cancel
  • FSO / Schedule / Scheduling Calendar (was Scheduling Calendar Days)
  • FSR / Payments / Locked Unclaimed Cash Report (was Locked Claimed Cash Report)
  • FSR / Records / Icao Form 08 Report
  • FSR / Records / Icao Form 06 Report
  • FSR / Records / Flights By Purpose Codes Report

New Settings

The following are new Company Settings introduced with this release:

  • use_nominal_cruise_speed_for_computing_flight_time_for_quotes_and_payments
  • restrict_cash_deposit_forms_to_single_day
  • show_pax_and_weight_summary_on_schedule_report
  • show_load_account_number_on_schedule_report

New Email Notification

The following are new Email Notifications available to be customized:

  • Request Cancelled