Recording Maintenance

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From the Aircraft Maintenance Events tab, click on the green plus button to enter maintenance events. When adding an aircraft to your fleet, you should enter at least one historical maintenance record for each maintenance event you have created.

Select the aircraft and enter the event details. Actual Start and Completion Dates are required since you are entering a completed maintenance event.

When you click Save, a window will pop up requesting a target start date for the next inspection. This must be completed for the schedule forecasting feature to function.

FlightSpan™ Ops will automatically add the next event with the target date and hours. If you wish to add more completed maintenance events, click the blue pencil icon to edit and enter the actual dates and times.

Note: Calendar based inspections will not forecast a target airframe time.

Complete the Actual dates and time. For historical events, the actual start date itself isn’t important if you don’t know it, but a date must be entered to create the next forecast event.

Alternatively, from the Aircraft Menu select Aircraft List and click on the registration number of the aircraft you wish to edit. 

From the Maintenance Events tab on the Aircraft Detail page click the green plus button. 

Follow the same sequence using the aircraft-specific maintenance detail window.

Override Event Interval 

Target Airframe Time will be prefilled for inspections with a time interval. 

If you need to override the standard Event Interval, check the box and enter the desired interval. 

After entering the target start date for the next inspection, the Target airframe time will be updated according to the interval you set. 

Entering Unscheduled Maintenance or Calendar based events on the calendar is handled in the same manner. 

Entering the basic maintenance history is the last step in the aircraft setup process. The aircraft status can now be changed to Active so it is available to schedule.

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