Custom Staff/User Roles

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If the Standard Roles cannot be combined to grant suitable permissions, Custom Roles may be created.

From the Staff/User Roles List, click on the green New button. 

Name the role and describe it as necessary. 

Add User Permissions

Select the User Permissions tab and click the green plus button to add a new permission.

Select FlightSpanOps for most roles; select Flight Reports for privileges limited to running reports.

The Component determines which section of FlightSpan Ops is associated with the role. Each Component has its own set of associated permissions.

Leave Permissions blank to accept all Permissions for a given Component, or add Permissions one at time. When adding a lot of permissions, it is easier to add all permissions, then delete the ones that aren’t needed.

Delete permissions as necessary using the red trash can icons. 

Add or remove Components and their Permissions as needed until you are satisfied with the scope of the permissions for the role.

Next link Users, Accounts and Rates as needed to the Role as described in the Standard Staff/User Roles lesson.

Video Version