Waypoint Management

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When getting started with FlightSpan™ Ops, work with FlightSpan™ Support to create the initial import of all your existing waypoints. Once all your waypoint data is imported, you should go through each waypoint to verify all data is correct and to fill in any missing pieces of information. 

Waypoints Page

From the Home screen, click on Waypoints. 

Or from any screen, select Waypoints from the Settings Menu.

Continent and Country

Continent and Country Lists under the Geography Data menu won’t be used in the day to day management of FlightSpan™ Ops, only during initial setup and with the help of FlightSpan™ Support. 


Select Regions List from the Geography Data menu, and add new regions with the green plus button or edit existing ones by clicking on the blue pencil icon. Sort by clicking on any of the blue column headers, and search using the windows at the top of each header. 

Runway Surfaces

Runway Surface descriptors can be changed or added from the Runway Surfaces List under the Geography Data menu, but adding a new surface type’s associated correction factors, or changing existing correction factors must be done by FlightSpan™ Support. IMPORTANT: do not add or remove a runway surface without contacting FlightSpan™ Support (changing a description is acceptable, but per above, it will not change the takeoff or landing performance factor in the FlightSpan™ EFB).


Define commonly used VFR or IFR routes using the Route List item under the Navigation Data menu on the Waypoints page. Create a new route by clicking on the green New button. 

Name the route and describe it in the Note. Click the blue plus button to begin adding waypoints. 

Search for waypoints by name or identifier.

Remove a waypoint from the route using the red unlink icon. 

Change the order of the waypoints by clicking on the gray arrow icons and dragging the waypoint up or down to its new position. 

A route can be used in both directions since FlightSpan™ has an invert function, so each route only needs to be in the database once. 

Edit an existing route by clicking on the name of the route and using the procedures above.

Airport Classes

Select Airport Class List from the Navigation Data menu, and add new airport classes with the green plus button or edit existing ones by clicking on the blue pencil icon. 

Language Communities

If your organization desires to track service to different language communities in a region, this can be done using the Language Communities item on the Navigation Data menu. Add new language communities with the green plus button or edit existing ones by clicking on the blue pencil icon.

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