Troubleshooting Missing or Inaccurate Target Hours

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If there are no auto fill hours in the next inspection (such as the 100 hour inspection below), or if the hours are wrong do the following: 

Delete the future 100 hour inspection using the red trash can icon.

Click the blue pencil icon to edit the last inspection event, but don’t make any changes (unless Actual dates and time are missing), just Save. 

A new maintenance event will be auto-generated, and you will get a pop up screen for the next event target date.

Enter the target date and Save.    

Now the target hours for the 100 hour show up on the list, and the forecast event appears on the calendars.  

Accurate functioning of maintenance forecasting requires the involvement of both the flight coordinator and the maintenance controller. Done correctly, you will find that FlightSpan™ Ops is a powerful tool for coordinating the maintenance and flight schedules of your fleet. 

Video Version