FlightspanOps Release Notes 4.2.1

New Features

  • Added search field to the 2 week public schedule
  • Added GTN Export format for Waypoint Routes


  • Added an option to Group itmes by Income/Expense Account in the Billing Data Export Report
  • Improved Naming of Database Export Categories
  • Added ability to collapse requests section of the Scheduling Calendar
  • Made the Monthly Calendar Dates Hyperlinks to the Scheduling Calendar
  • Added Company Setting to Allow Request Users to Access/Edit all Requests associated with Accounts that are linked to their Request User.
  • Added the ability for request users to be marked with the permission to make requests using all charge accounts without those accounts being linked to their user.
  • Added a rule to prevent requests from being created by request users without pax or cgo weight.
  • Added the ability to designate tags as public or private and display public tags on the public flight schedule.
  • Added receipt number to the Loads database export report
  • Added company switch to allow flagging of Payments linked to requests using a charge account that doesn’t match the request user’s preferred accounts.
  • Moved Pax/Cgo Weight After Schedule Load Description in 2 Week Schedule and Flight Schedule Report
  • Added favorite field to airports which will feed the EFB for easier access of specific airports.
  • FSO now prevents Child Loads (fsTBL and MinCargoChargeLoad) From Being Linked to Manifest or Flight Separate From Their Parent and Force Their Parent’s Linking Actions on the Children
  • Updated default From Email to be [email protected] to prevent delivery and authentication issues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing Monthly Click Details to be empty when Scheduled Flight has no Loading.
  • Fixed a bug with Columns not being numbered correctly in Database Export Report
  • Fixed a bug with Monthly Schedule Airport Filter Not Working Correctly
  • Fixed a bug causing Flown (scheduled) Flights to show up at the very bottom of the scheduling calendar
  • Fixed a bug causing the Manifest and Schedule to show different Payload values when load count exceeds 10
  • Fixed a bug causing a difference between the Fuel Calculations of FSO and the EFB
  • Fixed a Bug with Payload Not Calculating Taxi Fuel Weight When it Should
  • Fixed a bug causing aircraft hours available until next maintenance to be incorrect on First or Second Event entered
  • Fixed a bug causing receipt printed_date to change when reprinting the receipt.
  • Fixed a Bug with Dragging Requests onto a Scheduled Flight when the request’s destination is the scheduled origin departure.

New Settings

The following are new Company Settings introduced with this release:

  • flag_payments_based_on_requests_that_use_an_account_not_assigned_to_the_request_user
  • allow_request_users_to_access_all_requests_associated_with_their_linked_accounts