Processing a Refund in FSO

NOTE: it is important that this procedure been done only on cash receipts where the cash has already been deposited. If the cash on a cash receipt has not been deposited, either complete the cash deposit prior to issuing a refund (using the procedure below) or have the author of the cash receipt void the receipt and return the cash to the payee (and not use the procedure below).

To do a refund of a cash receipt that has already been deposited, do the following:

  1. Open the receipt.
  2. If the load that is to be refunded has already been linked to a Flight or a Manifest, then it will need to be unlinked first.
  3. If the load has already been unlinked or has not yet been linked, then click on the Blue “Load: #####” Box.
  4. Click on “Create Override”.
  5. Type in the description of the refund in the “Load Description” box.
  6. In the “Rate” box, select “fsRTN Refund/Return Cash”
  7. Highlight the Cash amount and type in the amount of the refund.
  8. Click “Save”
  9. Optionally, you may then print out the Payment History, which shows the amount of the refund.  The Cashier can then use this as the backup for issuing the cash refund.

Note:  It is possible to do a partial refund.  In the Cash amount, you just enter the amount to be refunded.

For a charging an account, if the month has already been closed, some organizations won’t change anything in FlightSpanOps, but will issue the refund from the Finance Department accounting software.

If the month has not been closed, some organizations may just unlink the load from the Flight and not charge it at the end of the month.

Here’s a video of the refund process.