Flightspan™ Ops Release Notes 4.2.8

Flightspan™Ops 4.2.8 includes several small modifications and fixes as well as a few significant enhancements to flight requests and the manifest loading process.

New Features

  • Added ability to duplicate flight requests or split a flight request loading into two requests

Split Flight Request UI

  • Added optional checklist to the Loads List on the Manifest View Details Page to provide loading crew with a check-in functionality before printing. Print button will not be available until all loads are checked. (Company Custom Setting: Show Manifest Check In And Require Complete Check In Before Print) All users with permission “Manifest Update” will be able to Check In and Uncheck manifest loads.

Manifest Load Check Boxes

  • Added individual “Refund” and “Lock Cash” buttons to load drop down for Payments.

Refund and Lock Cash Buttons

  • Added email notification for Request Update


  • Added ability for quoted flight time and custom quoted cost fields to persist through the schedule process and be passed up to the EFB.
  • Added column header labels to the Flight Request Field customization UI
  • Optimized schedule flight income calculation to include associated Quotes when available
  • Made “Load Description / Pax Names” field always visible on Public Request form
  • Optimized creation of Schedule Load descriptions as well as Manifest Load descriptions created from Schedule Loads. 
  • Added “Loading” indication to UI after clicking the quote Print button
  • Changed “Total” to “Total Paid” on Tax Invoice
  • Allowed cash denominations to be decimal values
  • Added aircraft maintenance events without projected dates to the Maintenance Summary on Scheduling Calendar
  • Added Color and Equipment Code fields to the Aircraft Detail for flight plans
  • Added Inclusive Total column to Tax Invoice and Payment Invoice
  • Excluded taxes when calculating schedule flight income
  • Added Payment ID and Load ID to the dropdown list when linking Loads To Manifests, Flights, etc.
  • Combined each debit transaction into one line on the Deferred Income Transactions export from the Billing menu
  • Optimized date range filter throughout entire application
  • Allowed certain staff to modify Calculated Target Airframe Time on maintenance events (New Permission: MaintenanceEventDataAirframeTimeUpdate)
  • Included aircraft configurations from Schedule Legs in the calculation of the default configuration used when new Manifests or Schedule Legs are created
  • Allowed preservation of aircraft configuration when switching to another aircraft of the same type on a scheduled flight
  • Added Deposit Status column to Cash Receipts By Type Report
  • Added Request ID or Payment ID to printed quote when applicable
  • Renamed and improved the Daily Scheduled Flight Summary Report (was called Flight Summary Report)
  • Limited units available to select for runway length unit to Feet and Meters
  • Moved Company Setting (Printed Quote Disclaimer Note) to: Company Location – Report Customizations
  • Added Flight Schedule Passengers Report
  • Allowed Paid Cash Payments to be linked to a Manifest on the Schedule Details page
  • Prevented electronic receipts from associating with Receipt Deposit by hovering over Deposit ID on Deposit List

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when sending tax invoices
  • Fixed bug with Cash Denomination label displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed formatting issue with Cash Receipt By Type Report
  • Fixed a bug preventing save on Payment Loads after switching to Time Based Rate
  • Fixed a bug causing redirect to Scheduling Calendar after creating a Manifest from Schedule Leg
  • Fixed a bug with child loads not inheriting their parent’s linked Flight/Manifest on creation
  • Fixed a bug causing error when voiding a payment
  • Fixed a bug preventing past dates on Two Week Schedule from collapsing fully
  • Fixed a bug preventing the ability to lock cash in certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug causing Manifest Load weight from being counted on Scheduled Flight Leg when on second Manifest departing from that waypoint
  • Fixed a bug in the API causing EFB resync issues when time-based load is linked to non-manifest load
  • Fixed a bug with some Transit Loads not showing on Manifest Details page
  • Fixed a bug with missing hyphen in default Remainder Payment description
  • Fixed a bug preventing Deposit Index Dashboard Quick Link from being available to some users
  • Fixed a bug with inaccurate loading totals on printed receipt when Split Loads are present
  • Fixed a bug accessing Chart Revisions View when images before or after change are empty
  • Deferred Income Transactions Export – Always use the original total charge for the export
  • Fixed a aug where fiscal year was not set properly in billing export
  • Fixed a bug on Cash By Type Report with Total columns not lining up correctly
  • Fixed a bug on Export Deferred Income Transactions Form causing Period ID to be displayed incorrectly

New Permissions:

  • Flight Reports / Records / Daily Scheduled Flights Summary Report
  • Flight Reports / Records / Flight Schedule Passengers Report
  • FSO / Aircraft / MaintenanceEventDataAirframeTimeUpdate
  • FSO / Payment / Load Refund
  • FSO / Payment / Load Lock Cash

New Settings:

  • Show Manifest Check In And Require Complete Check In Before Print
  • Cash Clearing Account (REMOVED)