Getting Started

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Account setup

Request your new account from your company FlightSpan™ Ops administrator. They will send you an email with a temporary password.

When you log in, FlightSpan™ Ops will open the reset password screen. 

After you click Change Password, you will be logged out and will have to log back in using the new password. 

Home Page

When you first log in to FlightSpan™ Ops, the Home page will display with the FlightSpan™ logo and no Quick-Link icons.

To add Quick-Links to the Home page, from the menu bar at the top click on the Settings menu, and select My Settings. 

Select My Information from the My Settings menu on the left side bar, select the Settings tab, and click on the blue pencil icon to edit the Dashboard Quick-Links. 

The left column contains all your available links; drag and drop the desired links into the right column to display them on the Home page. Drag the links up and down to rearrange the order of appearance on the Home page. 

Now your home page has all the selected shortcuts. 

Preferred Language

To change languages, select the desired language from the available options on the Settings menu. 

Video Version