FlightspanOps Release Notes 4.2.0

New Features

  • Create database export report which gives comprehensive data to the user to use to generate custom reports
  • Added Tags, Internal Note and Requested By to Flight Schedule
  • Added ability to build a scheduled flight route in a single form on creation.


  • Added ability to add income accounts by aircraft type on rates
  • FSO now automatically updates Flight Schedule with actual departure time after the EFB syncs.
  • On Payment Form when switching from an account to a cash payment, FSO will automatically switch currency to company default currency.
  • Added ability to hide the following on the public flight request form: ground time, babies pax type, dangerous goods
  • Added payment number and payer name to loads in transit report
  • FSO now passes the 2 week flight schedule to the EFB for review in the field
  • Added new fields to account charges summary report
  • Added email address field of account holder on Invoice statements
  • Enable Linking Aircraft and Rate combinations to specific Income (deposit) Accounts
  • Allow changes to Payment Cash Account Id Until One Load is Exported
  • Add number of passengers to certain Netsuite billing exports
  • Add a footnote suggesting users check for missing purpose codes on the PngAircraftStatistics Report
  • Added ability to color code Monthly Flight Schedules by Pilot and Aircraft by providing the ability to assign specific colors to pilots and aircraft
  • Optimized Schedule Hover and Click Views with more precise load details
  • Flag Duty Time Entries in List as Yellow if they Exceed Max Flight Crew Company Work Shift Hours
  • Added Tags to Flight Records and FSO will carry schedule flags over to a flight after sync.
  • Flight Schedules that have overweight legs will now be flagged with a warning icon on the monthly and daily flight schedules.
  • EFB Preference can now be set to empty
  • Extended duty time range in pilot details to end of day and flagged duty time entries longer than single flight crew company hours.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where quote page calculated differently than Payment page
  • Fix error from merging conflicts
  • Fixed a bug that made flight schedule report inaccessible
  • Fixed a bug Causing Default Manifest to be Configured Incorrectly
  • Incorrect total on cash receipt
  • Fixed errors in flight schedule data excel export report
  • Fixed a Bug when Pressing Tab/Enter in Schedule Load Form
  • Fixed a bug with Payload not including Standard Crew weight on Scheduled Flights without Assigned Crew
  • Fixed a bug preventing the EFB from pulling DFRs because of a weight discrepancy on rotorwing aircraft
  • Payment Invoice and Transaction History now agree with receipt Printout
  • Fixed Bug when equipment button is visible on manifest to those without proper permissions
  • Fixed Bugs with Receipt Deposits printed dates being updated after first print
  • Prevented the ability to add manual receipts to a printed deposit.
  • Grouping removed for Sage export format
  • Fixed a bug with Schedule configuration being reset after clicking the Save button
  • Fix bug with manifest load totals not updating after load is updated from the schedule update page
  • Fixed a bug when sorting by Active on Pilots Index

The following permissions are new and used for allowing a user to create update and delete non-flying/non-maintenance events on the scheduling calendar:

  • FlightSpanOps / Company / TagsIndex
  • FlightSpanOps / Company / TagsCreate
  • FlightSpanOps / Company / TagsUpdate
  • FlightSpanOps / Company / TagsDelete

The following are new Company Settings introduced with this release:

  • disable_schedule_route_form_and_always_use_local_route_when_creating_scheduled_flights
  • show_pilot_and_aircraft_type_color_coding_on_public_monthly_schedule