Flightspan™Ops Release Notes 4.2.3

New Features

  • Added Maintenance Events, Holidays, Pilot Time Off and other Calendar Events now show on ALL views of the Schedule where appropriate
  • Added ability for Request Users to Reset their own Password using Email
  • Added the ability to print the DFR similar to the printed Paper copy from Ipad on each flight (takes effect with FlightSpan EFB version 9.0.3)


  • Shifted the pilot fatigue status section date ranges so they represent days instead of partial days
  • All duty times without an end time will show at the top and those older than 24 hours will be highlighted with red
  • Added a symbol indicating “AWAY” events on the Monthly Flight Schedule. These are events that do not resolve to a company default location
  • Unapproved time off requests now show (noted as needing approval) in Pilot Availability section of the Scheduling calendar. Also, when a pilot’s time off request overlaps with a scheduled flight, that will be notated in the pilots dropdown.
  • Added flight hours to the Payment Invoice Report
  • Refined Duty Time Flagging with New Settings Specifying when a Duty Time Entry should be turned Yellow or Red
  • Expanded Automatic Email notification settings and Tied notification Settings to Email Template User Interface
  • Added Account Number, Name & Amount to the “Payments & Loading” Database Export
  • Block Time values in the database will not be referenced in the logbook if the the “DFR: Record Block Time” Company preference is set to “No”
  • The Pilot Fatigue Management Section will now automatically refresh after Duty Time entry is updated
  • Added ActiveWaypointsOnly Setting to the Runway/LZ Charts Report
  • Changee “Helipad” to “Landing Zone” Throughout the app
  • When exporting Waypoints using a favorite, the filename will now be based on the name of the stored favorite export setting
  • Newly created payments synced from the EFB will always share the billing currency of the assigned Rate instead of the associated account
  • Added a setting to allow organizations that do not want to specify income accounts per rate & aircraft to specify them simply at the rate level
  • Upcoming Calendar-based Events will also be shown on hovering Aircraft Availability section of the Scheduling Calendar
  • Added a company setting to enable organizations to disallow creation of Accounts with identical account number
  • Added a tenth of an hour per landing to legs when calculating flight time for exceedances. This updates the fatigue status section for pilots and brings the logbook data into sync with the fatigue status data.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing FSO users to be logged out earlier than the default setting (usually 8 hours)
  • Fixed a bug causing maintenance events not to show on the Monthly Calendar if they do not last an entire day
  • Fixed a bug causing Crew 2 Duty Times Synced from the EFB Not to Record
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate emails when pressing the “Resend/Send Email Notifications” button on the schedule update page
  • Fixed a bug causing the DFR Totals by Aircraft Report to fail
  • Fixed a bug causing remainder payment not to link back to the payment automatically
  • Fixed a but with Operations at Aerodrome report not filtering correctly
  • Fixed a bug with Hybrid Maintenance Events Interval Override causing issues when saving certain maintenance events
  • Fixed a Permissions issue breaking the maintenance events dropdown list
  • Prevented Users From Printing Receipt on Non-Cash Payment. This fixed a bug causing certain payments to print without a receipt number.

New Permissions

There are no new permissions with this release.

New Settings

The following are new Company Settings introduced with this release:

  • only_send_update_email_notificaitons_for_planned_schedules_when_date_changes
  • pilot_duty_time_yellow_hour_limit
  • pilot_duty_time_red_hour_limit
  • allow_request_users_to_reset_their_own_password
  • make_accounts_unique_by_number_field
  • designate_income_accounts_per_rate_and_aircraft