Waypoint Endorsements

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Waypoint endorsements are used to track whether a pilot is authorized to operate at a particular airport, and if any limitations have been placed on a pilot for any of the runways at an airport. The flight coordinator will not be prevented from scheduling a non-endorsed pilot.

Waypoint endorsements can be entered from several locations, depending on the level of Staff/User permissions that have been granted. If permission has not been granted, some of the following methods will be disabled.

First, from the Staff/User page, select Pilot Waypoint Endorsements List from the Pilot menu on the left side bar.

Edit an endorsement using the blue pencil icon, delete an endorsement with the red trash can, or create a new endorsement with the green New button.

For the second location, open the Pilot Detail page.

An endorsement may be created, edited, or deleted from the Checkout Status tab for either yourself or others depending on Staff/User permissions.

Third, also from the Pilot Detail page, check/training pilots may create, edit, or delete endorsements for other pilots from the Checkout Given tab.

Each starting point will open the same dialogue box. Enter at a minimum the waypoint, pilot, and date.

Endorsements together with any notes will be visible under the Checkout Status tab of the endorsed pilot’s Pilot Detail page, and under the Checkout Given tab of the endorsing pilot’s Pilot Detail Page.

When the flight coordinator is assigning a pilot to a flight, the pilot will be listed as Not Endorsed if they are missing an endorsement for any of the airports on the route.  

Any additional weight reductions will be factored in in the payload column when the pilot is assigned to a flight.

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