Route Through Hub

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Loads from Point A to Point C normally do not incur any additional charges if they are placed on a flight that transits Point B. However, if your organization does charge more for routing via Point B, use the Route Load Through Hub feature. A new load will be generated for each leg, increasing the total amount due.

Create a Payment from the departure point to the final destination and click the Route Load Through Hub button.

Search for and select the hub airport, then save.

Each load will be replaced by two new loads – one from the departure point to the hub, the other from the hub to the destination.

The original payment will be recalculated for each leg, factoring in the additional distance/cost by way of the hub.

Note that a cash-type payment can only use the Route Through Hub function at the time of creation.

If a payment contains more than one load, each load can be routed through a hub separately by clicking on Load, then selecting Route Through Hub.

If the departure point or destination is different for two loads, or once any load has been routed through a hub, it is no longer eligible for bulk routing of the loads and the Route Through Hub button will be grayed out. You can still route individual loads through a hub from the Load menu as previously described.

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