Standard Staff/User Roles

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Access to different parts of FlightSpan™ Ops is controlled by the Roles assigned to the Staff/User, so it is important to assign Roles that give appropriate access, while limiting access to other areas.

A set of Standard Roles have been created with the appropriate role permissions set for each.

Caution: Do not edit the role permissions associated with Standard Roles.

If the desired permissions can’t be achieved by combining the Standard Roles, you can also create Custom Roles.

Under the Staff / Users menu select Staff/User Roles List to view existing Roles. 

There are four categories of standard roles:

  • Administration – Initial FlightSpan™ setup, and high-level management of settings and critical information. Admin roles should be limited to a few key individuals.
  • Management – Day-to-day use of different features: create, edit, delete, make deposits, run reports, etc.
  • User – Day-to-day use of different features; ability to make changes is limited to the user’s own records.
  • Viewer – View only access

Roles may be sorted by clicking the blue column headers, or searched using the search boxes at the top of each column.

Most of the Standard Roles are narrowly focused so that appropriate Roles can be combined to fit specific job descriptions to grant the suitable level of access.

The following Roles are designed to be used as-is for most flight operations:

  1. Chief Pilot
  2. Check/Training Pilot
  3. Pilot
  4. Maintenance Control
  5. All FlightSpan™ Settings

The Flight Span role is required for system access for the EFB. This Role should not have any Users or User Permissions. It is strictly for assigning Accounts and Rates that will be accessible on the EFB.

Users must be linked to Roles suitable for their job description. Click on a Role to view the details of that role.

From the Users tab click the blue plus button to add new staff members to the role, and the red unlink icon to remove staff members. 

Choose the desired staff member(s) and click Link.

Note: If you need to assign a staff member to multiple roles, see the Assigning Staff Roles document for a more efficient way of doing it.

If access to one or more accounts is required to exercise the duties of a Role, from the Accounts tab, click the blue plus button to add account numbers.

Click Select All to grant access to all accounts, or select as many individual accounts as required. 

If access to one or more financial charging Rates is required to exercise the duties of a Role, from the Rates tab, use the blue plus button to link Rates. 

Again you may Select All or add rates individually. 

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