Updating Currency Status

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Automatic Update

If Sync with EFB is checked for pilot currency events on both the Currency Group List and the Currency Event Detail, the event can be updated from the EFB. In the following example, Anna Holmes is due for a PC-6 Proficiency Check by the end of July.

When completing the DFR, create a load for the route on which the check occurred, then select NonRev (Training / RTS / Wx / Fuel Positioning).

From the Non Rev Flying list, select the type of proficiency check.

Note that the label ‘Tracked Currency Item’ indicates the item is tracked in FlightSpan Ops and will result in the event being signed off as complete when the DFR is uploaded. Items in the list without this label are uploaded as standard load items on the DFR and will not result in any changes to the crew’s currency status.

Next enter the flight time in minutes that were required for the check.

Note: If the proficiency event was accomplished in the course of a regular flight and there should be no charge to the account, set minutes to zero.

The DFR will be updated with the correct account number and Rate.

Note that Non Revenue Accounts and Rates can be assigned at the Company level or the Aircraft Type level. If you have entries in both Company EFB Preferences and Aircraft Type EFB Preferences, the Aircraft Type preferences will take precedence over the Company preferences.

When the DFR is uploaded, the currency record will be updated with the previous check moved to the Historical records section, and the most recent check listed under the Current records.

Manual Update

When the currency event is complete, from the Currency Event Detail page click the blue pencil Edit Status button to edit an existing record.

Or create a new record using the green plus button as described under Creating Currency Records.

To delete a currency event record, click the red trash can Archive Status button. 

Confirm by clicking the Archive button. 

The staff member will remain on the list, but the currency event record will be gone. 

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