Flightspan™Ops Release Notes 4.3.0

Flightspan™Ops 4.3.0 will be released in February 2024.


  • (Jan 18, 2024) Fixed Printing Issue
  • (Jan 18, 2024) Fixed EFB Chart Sync Issue
  • (Jan 18, 2024) Fixed bug preventing Schedule Load Quote Time and Value From Working Correctly
  • (Jan 22, 2024) Fixed bugs in deferred income report
  • (Jan 22, 2024) Fixed a bug causing error when saving loads
  • (Jan 24, 2024) Revised logic in deferred income by custom report
  • (Jan 23, 2024) Fixed a bug preventing schedule loads from saving when user not permitted to create a quote
  • (Jan 25, 2024) Fixed a bug with quote tool not observing flight time data substitutions and an inaccuracy in the printed quote inclusive column
  • (Jan 26, 2024) Fixed a bug showing voided amount on cash deposit form
  • (Feb 02, 2024) Fixed bug in receipt series when flight number contains a forward slash
  • (Feb 02, 2024) Incorporate rate adjustments to distance when fetching flight time for payments and quotes to master
  • (Feb 02, 2024) Change cash receipts by type report date to reference receipt printed date instead of payment created date to master
  • (Feb 05, 2024) Fix tax inoice action buttons not responding after list query is changed to master
  • (Feb 06, 2024) Fix bug with flight closed date not being set when bulk change status to closed to master
  • (Feb 06, 2024) Fix bug with billing permission issue not showing the billing menu item to permitted users to master
  • (Feb 06, 2024) Optimize tax by province report exclude payments associated with exclude from billing accounts and exclude non taxable income to master
  • (Feb 06, 2024) Optimize deferred income export to use receipt printed date and to exclude split loads to master