Duty and Flight Time Management

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Recording Duty Time

To get your company started with duty and flight time management, a supervisor will need to set the company fatigue management rules.

Automatic Recording

When a pilot uploads a flight to FlightSpan™ Ops, they have the option to upload duty time. FlightSpan™ defaults to 45 minutes before and after a flight, but the pilot can adjust the times to reflect actual duty time or select Cancel and enter duty time by another means.

When a flight is uploaded to FlightSpan™ Ops, duty time is entered in the pilot’s record. 

Manually Recording Duty Time

If a staff member is not flying, duty time must be recorded manually. The easiest way to manually record duty time is for the staff member to create a shortcut on their personal device to https://youraviationorg.flightspan.com/time. 

Clock in or out at the current time with a tap, 

By tapping on the clock icon to the right and adjusting time in ten minute increments, 

Or enter the time manually by tapping on the hours and minutes.

Record overnights with the Remain Overnight (RON) button.

Another way is staff can select My Settings from the Settings Menu.

Then from the Duty Time tab tap the green plus button at the bottom.

Select the date, then the hour, then the minutes. 

Break time can be recorded for work schedule purposes, but it does not reduce duty time.

Record overnights with the RON button.

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