Account Management

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Importing Accounts

When first setting up FlightSpan™ Ops, work with FlightSpan™ Support to import your existing accounts. 

View Accounts

If you add the shortcut to the Home Page, you can access Accounts from there. 

Or from any page, select Accounts from the Settings menu.

Accounts can be sorted by clicking on the blue column headers, searched using the boxes, or filtered using the dropdown lists. Use the Reset button to return to the full list in the default sort order.

Edit and Create Accounts

To edit, click on the account number, then the edit button, make the desired changes, and Save.

A change history is displayed at the bottom of the record. 

To create a new account, click on the green New button.

Fill in the data, account type, and default rates (if you have already set up your rates; otherwise you will need to come back and do that later), and email and billing preferences.

Note: The ‘Customer’ toggle defaults to Yes for new accounts. This allows you to clearly distinguish between internal accounts (for fuel, training, etc.) and customer accounts. 

Next, link Staff Roles for who can select the account by clicking the blue plus button. 

Select the desired staff roles that will be using the account and click Link to grant permission.

Export Accounts

If only one page is displayed, only that page will export. 

To export all accounts, first select Show All. 

Then click the Export button and select the type of file to export to, and OK to proceed. 

To export some accounts, click Show All, filter and sort as desired, then export. 

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