Duplicating and Splitting

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Split (Supersede) Load

Sometimes only part of a load will be flown, or perhaps the customer shows up with less loading than they paid for. In either case you can split the load from the Payment Detail. 

If payment for a load has been made using a cash-type payment method (any method other than a Charge Account), click on the load number and select Split (Supersede).

The full amounts of the original load will be listed in light gray with a question mark. Fill in the actual amount to be carried. 

The original load will be superseded by the new load, and the remaining cash balance will be displayed. 

The remaining balance may be used for any future loading by clicking on the blue Edit Load pencil icon.

If an attempt is made to exceed the remaining balance, the total will turn red and you will be prevented from saving the new load.

If part of the cargo will be stored for a future flight, it is important to document the remaining load so that it is traceable and available for scheduling.

Duplicate Load

If a Payment Load associated with a Charge Account needs to be split over more than one flight, or if additional loading needs to be added, use the Duplicate function. Only payment loads charged to an account number or cash loads which have not yet been paid for can be duplicated. Click on the load number, then the Duplicate button.

The load is duplicated, but without any loading or cost. Edit the load(s) as necessary and save.

The new load will be added to the payment record and each load can be linked separately to flights.

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