FlightSpan™ Ops Release Notes 4.1.3

  • ADDITION: Added automation of max payload calculation for scheduled flights
  • ADDITION: Added Removable Equipment Tab to Aircraft Type Detail view
  • ADDITION: Added Daily Summary Flight Report
  • ADDITION: Added a link between FSO user and Request User so that logged in FSO user will be automatically logged in to the Public Request Interface (Video Tutorial)
  • CHANGE: Added links from and to FSO dashboard and Public request interface when FSO is logged in.
  • CHANGE: Added ability to edit receipt_type code and description in Company UI.
  • CHANGE: Added an auto-populated deposit_confirmed_by_staff_id column to receipt on the Cash Series view
  • CHANGE: Added Change History to Receipt Series
  • CHANGE: After the EFB syncs with FSO, FSO marks Scheduled Flights as flown based on manifest that were flown
  • CHANGE: Added ability to filter payment exports based on flight status being closed
  • CHANGE: Added Export Status Column to Flight Records View
  • CHANGE: Added export to billing system capability for NTM-PNG
  • CHANGE: Added ability for FSO to create and update HELIPADS through the EFB Sync
  • CHANGE: Update Scheduled Flight Status Labels: TENTATIVE is now PLANNED, and SCHEDULED is not CONFIRMED
  • CHANGE: Provide edit link for staff when no name is set
  • CHANGE: Changee the Pilot Index to separate first and last name columns, so that the pilots can be sorted by last name.
  • CHANGE: When clicking create a payment from the manifest page, new loads now default to the manifest departure waypoint.
  • CHANGE: Added a new automated verification email to the newly created request user when request user is created
  • CHANGE: Payments in the payments list that are linked to a closed flight and not yet exported are marked as “Ready for Export”
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug preventing manifests without loads from being printed
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug requiring Cash Deposit custom denominations to be saved twice before successfully saving
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue with Schedule pilot two seat not being evaluated correctly in max_seats
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug syncing schedule with Google when a pilot has no email address.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug with the “Save/Close” buttons not working due to a Chrome update
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug preventing Duty Time Rest Periods from being calculated
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug preventing recreation of request user after request user is archived
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug causing an intermittent error when dragging request onto the schedule
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug with Minimum Cargo Charge not registering a fixed-total charge with cargo
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug preventing Auto-Refuel setting from bring set when adding/updating HELIPADS from the EFB

Please note the following Staff Permissions that are new in this release and should be added to a the appropriate role(s):

  • FlightSpanOps™ | Settings: Aircraft | Removable Equipment Create
  • FlightSpanOps™ | Settings: Aircraft | Removable Equipment Update
  • FlightSpanOps™ | Settings: Aircraft | Removable Equipment Delete
  • FlightSpanOps™ | Settings: Company | Receipt Type List
  • FlightSpanOps™ | Settings: Company | Receipt Type View
  • FlightSpanOps™ | Settings: Company | Receipt Type Update
  • Flight Reports | Records | Flight Summary Report

The Removable Equipment permissions allow users to modify removable equipment listed in the Aircraft Type Details page.

The Receipt Type should probably only be modified once when settings up your FSO settings, so be careful not to give this permission to more than a primary administrator role.