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In FlightSpan™ Ops, a Payment is the basic unit of value—essentially a credit for passengers and/or cargo to be flown. FlightSpan™ Payments contain two core pieces of information: 

  1. Load details (which can include flight services that are not passengers or cargo, such as flight time for charters, surveys, etc., and things like minimum load charges.)
  2. A payment source (which is either an account to be charged after the flight services have been completed or a cash-type payment made prior to flight services being rendered)

Payments are used up when the load(s) associated with the payment is flown. In FlightSpan™ Ops, a payment is ‘flown’ when it is linked to a Flight Record. (Flight Records are generated after a flight is completed.) A Payment holds the complete record of the transaction between the customer and the company at any step during the process. 

Payments List

If you have added the shortcut, you can access the Payments List from the Home Page, or from any page, select Payments List from the Payments menu. 

Click on the Payment number in the left column of the Payments List to open the Payment Detail. 

Payments may be filtered by status using the buttons at the top. 

Payments may be sorted by payment number or by date, searched using the search boxes, or filtered using the Tags or Export Status dropdown boxes. 

The Reset button in the upper right clears search and sort criteria from the column headers, but does not reset the Status filter. That must be reset by clicking ALL on the upper left. 

In the Route: Description column, there are icons listing the status of the flight. A key for the meaning of the icons is at the top of the column. 

Hover over the icons for additional information.

A yellow highlight over the Rate indicates there is a discrepancy between the default rate associated with the account and the rate charged. 

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