Scheduling Calendar Features

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The Scheduling Calendar is where the flight schedule is built and where the Flight Coordinator will spend most of their time. It is where flight requests can be assembled into flights, or where flights can be created from scratch. It contains all the necessary crew and aircraft availability information so that good scheduling decisions can be made.

From any page, click on Scheduling Calendar on the menu.

Or if you have set the link as a shortcut, from the Home page click on Edit Schedule.

Scheduling Calendar Section

The center part of the page is the flight schedule. Scroll up or down to see days within the selected date range. 

Change Day View to Week View using the toggle above the mini calendar.

Click Edit Range to change the date range. The calendar on the left highlights the selected date range in blue.  

Clicking on a date in the calendar takes you to that date and moves the selected Range around that date. 

If a date range is greater than 31 days, you will receive a warning that pilot duty and flight time exceedances won’t be checked. 

Double Click on the calendar to create a new flight manually.

Hover over a flight to see the details.

Or click on the flight to go to the Schedule Detail page. 

Right click on the calendar to create a non-flight calendar event. 

Fill in the event and click Create Calendar Event, and the event will be added to that aircraft on the calendar. 

Hover over the event to see the details.

Double click on a maintenance event to edit the details.

Right click on a flight to duplicate, duplicate with loads, or move to a different date.

Click on the Publish Schedule button at the top right to pull up a list of all the flights in the date range. Select the ones you want to change to Confirmed status and click Mark as Confirmed. The flights will then appear on the public calendar, and confirmation emails will be sent. (A full explanation of flight statuses can be found here)

Loading / Requests Section

The right sidebar contains a list of all Payments and Flight Requests. Click on the arrow next to the header to collapse the section for a wider calendar view.

Payments are green, and normal Flight Requests are blue.

Request Package color selection is set by the requestor.

Standing Requests are gray.

At the top of the Loading / Requests section, there are a variety of search and sorting options available for flight requests.

Results can be limited to a specific Date Range.

The Search window will return results for anything in the request (except the note).  

Purpose will filter by the purpose codes for the flights.

Clear search results using the Reset button.

Hover over the icons to see their meaning. 

The payment date or the requested flight date is in the upper left corner. 

To see the full details or to edit a payment or flight request, click on the pencil icon. 

On flight requests only, to see the flex dates, comments, or flight coordinator notes, and data from any custom flight request fields your company has created, hover over the Information icon. 

Payments or flight requests may be dragged and dropped onto the scheduling calendar. 

Stats Section

Aircraft Availability

A detailed description of aircraft availability can be found here.

Pilot Availability

Scroll down to see pilot availability. A detailed description of pilot availability can be found here.

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