Flightspan™Ops Release Notes 4.2.4

New Features

  • Enhanced the Edibility of Logbook Approaches and Flight Time. IMC approach types can now be updated and approaches can be recorded based on type. All logbook time is now recorded individually for each crew member. Block out and block in times are required to be entered before a user can edit logbook time.
  • Added ability to sort and manipulate aircraft type removable equipment by categories. Users can move entire category of equipment on/off the flight leg with one button if desired.
  • Added ability to associate payment types with specific Debit and Credit Accounts and export a CSV file and reports associated with processing those transactions from Debit to Credit.
  • Added ability to set Captions for Runway/LZ Chart Additional Images


  • Renamed the printed Condensed Manifest to Destination Manifest. Added a new printed manifest called Condensed Manifest which contains signature lines for flight crew and loading crew.
  • Updated the Format of Aircraft/Pilot Availability on Scheduling Calendar. The blue number on the left indicates the scheduled and flown time. The green number on the right indicate the number of minutes before maintenance or fatigue rule exceedance.
  • All aircraft future maintenance event types will now be displayed on the aircraft availability hover details. Currently active events will be displayed as well.
  • Maintenance Events now allow a blank target start date on new events. This will limit the full functionality of the maintenance events on the schedule, but prevents bad data. It is recommended that you add an estimated start date as soon as possible to future maintenance events.
  • Added a company setting to ignore “Rate Aircraft Income Accounts” and use only the Rate’s Deposit Account when processing financial exports.
  • Added Departure and Destination fields to the new Flight Request form in the FSO Dashboard. This will prevent newly created flight requests from lacking necessary leg data.
  • Added a company setting to allow organizations to reduce duty time by break period value.
  • Changed the wording on the flight request additional leg button to clarify that it is for the same day.
  • Added a break between each additional image in the PDF Runway/LZ charts in order to prevent images from being split across multiple pages
  • Applied Average Overage Time Percentage to scheduled flight time in the Schedule Export Report
  • Added Default Billing Currency for Each Cash Payment Type and set up automatic switching to that currency when changing payment type on the payment form.
  • Added a Rates Sheet by Distance Report as well as a Rate Sheet by Waypoint Report that calculate many options for one Rate.
  • Added a Change History entry for archiving payments and linking/unlinking flights
  • Added Padding to Columns in all hover detail tables (i.e. Flight details and Manifest Details)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the subtotal for manifests in the loads table occasionally showing inaccurate/historic total values.
  • Fixed a bug with the Pilot logbook time not being accurate
  • Fixed a but with Duty Time highlighting being based the “Work” column
  • Fixed a bug causing Flight time projections to be inaccurate in Pilot Fatigue Status Section
  • Enable functionality of the Rotate Button on Additional Chart Images Upload
  • Fixed a bug with logbook not showing logbook entries over several years old
  • Fixed a bug showing ??? on schedule Details
  • Fixed a bug causing requests on daily scheduling calendar to be out of their container
  • Fixed a bug causing archived Load weights to be included in the printed manifest causing printed manifest total load weight to be inaccurate
  • Fixed a bug causing the Cash clearing reconciliation report to time out
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from being able to delete airport classes
  • Fixed some misspellings
  • Fixed a but causing duty time calculations to be inaccurate.
  • Corrected the Income Accounts tab hover help text on Aircraft Detail page
  • Fixed a bug preventing the label (for calculated fields) in the chart layout form from saving
  • Fixed a bug in Duty Time List showing inaccurate time when entry starts and ends on separate days
  • Fixed a bug causing Printed DFRs that are stored in FSO to be stored and/or displayed truncated

New Permissions

The following permissions are new and used for allowing a user to create update and delete non-flying/non-maintenance events on the scheduling calendar:

  • FlightSpanOps/Account/Export Deferred Income
  • FlightSpanOps/Settings: Company/Log Approaches Type List
  • FlightSpanOps/Settings: Company/Log Approaches Type Create
  • FlightSpanOps/Settings: Company/Log Approaches Type Update
  • FlightSpanOps/Settings: Company/Log Approaches Type Delete
  • FlightReports/Manifests/Manifest Destination Report (previously Manifest Condensed Report)
  • FlightReports/Manifests/Manifest Condensed Report (new)
  • FlightReports/Payments/Deferred Income Transfer Report
  • FlightReports/Payments/Rate Sheet By Waypoint
  • FlightReports/Payments/Rate Sheet By Distance

New Settings

The following are new Company Settings introduced with this release:

  • reduce_pilot_duty_time_by_break_period_value
  • designate_income_accounts_per_rate_and_aircraft