Step Nine: Test the Rates

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Once Rates, Data Substitutions, and Price Line Items have all been created and linked, return to each rate to test it. Once a Rate has been completed and saved, a new Test This Rate button appears at the top right.

Enter as many sample problems as necessary to verify each rate is being calculated correctly. 

Note: Since the Data Substitution and Price Line Item default date is tomorrow, this is a common source of errors. Reset the date to today or earlier.

In the above example, the 10 kilogram free cargo allowance is not being calculated. The error was the Effective Date was set incorrectly (after the date of the rate test). 

Once the effective date is corrected, the formula is calculated correctly, granting 10 kilograms of free baggage. 

If you have not already done so, set the rate to Active so it is available for use.

Video Version