Scheduling Preparation Checklist

  1. Make sure that Permissions are given to the appropriate users and that any newly needed Staff Roles are created. New permissions will be under “Request” and “Schedule”. Note: All permissions under “Public” will not need to be assigned to anyone. Those permissions are managed separately. More Details Here.
  2. Make sure a default rate and default time-based rate is set.
  3. Make sure any rate groups that you want to be available for public request are given a “Purpose Description”.
  4. Make sure that a valid email address is entered for the following Company Custom Settings: “flight_request_user_verification_email” and “flight_request_notification_email”.
  5. In the Flight Request section under Schedule. Make sure to fill out your email templates for all applicable languages.
  6. Make sure all aircraft have at least one accurate Aircraft Hours History entry.
  7. Make sure that all aircraft types have been given an accurate Standard Ground Time value.
  8. Under Aircraft Type, make sure to click on each active aircraft type, and add the appropriate Aircraft Maintenance Events.
  9. Then for each Aircraft Type, make sure to enter at least one historical event for each Event Type.
  10. In the Staff section under Currency Group List, add all active pilots to the Pilots currency group.
  11. In the Staff section, under Currency Events List, make sure to add the appropriate currency events that you want to track.
  12. Then make sure to add at least one historical currency event for each pilot per event type.
  13. If you don’t want to allow pilots to manage their own currency events, uncheck “Permit Staff Members to Edit Own Currency” under Company Custom Settings List.
  14. Go to the Company List section. Click on your primary company name. Make sure that “Default Duty Time Before Departure” and “Default Duty Time After Arrival” (under FlightSpan Preferences) are accurate values.
  15. Under Company Custom Settings List, make sure that “pilot_time_off_email_notification” is filled in with an administrator’s email address.
  16. If you want to allow pilots to manage their own time off requests without getting approval, check “Pilot Time Off Request Bypass Approval” under Company Custom Settings List.
  17. Take the time to add maintenance work shifts under Company Work Shifts so that your aircraft maintenance events will be more accurate.
  18. Take the time to add any company holidays under Company Holidays. Please note that repeating holidays that do not repeat on the same date every year will need to be annually. This will keep aircraft maintenance calculations more accurate and notify the scheduler of company holidays on the Schedule Calendar.
  19. Review the Fatigue Management Rules and determine if anything needs to be updated.