FlightSpan™ Ops Release Notes 4.0.2

  • ADDITION: Created Flight Schedule Report sortable by waypoint Region
  • ADDITION: Added ability to send email notifications dependent on submitted flight request data
  • CHANGE: Updated Pilot Duty Time App to record rest_duration
  • CHANGE: Updates to the API to support enhancements in the FlightSpan EFB App
  • CHANGE: Updates to the Aircraft Confiruation graphics to accomodate Rotor Wing Aircraft
  • CHANGE: Integrated payment type and transaction code in the cash deposit process
  • CHANGE: Add Rest Duration to Duty Time Entries
  • CHANGE: Update Duty Time UI to Include Rest
  • CHANGE: Allowed posibility of sending an automatic response to Flight requestor after request submitted
  • CHANGE: Added request user registration form note to FSO Request Users interface
  • CHANGE: Add TYD Time Off in My Pilot Data
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug not allowing negative numbers in Aircraft weighing results
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug which caused Delete Button on Currency Event not to work
  • BUGFIX: Fixed route order and display on the 2 Week Flight Schedule

Please note the following Staff Permissions that are new in this release and should be added to a the appropriate role(s):

  • Flight Reports | Records | Flight Schedule Report
  • FlightSpanOps | Request | Email Trigger Edit
  • FlightSpanOps | Request | Email Trigger List
  • FlightSpanOps | Request | Email Trigger View

These permissions give you the ability to edit the email triggers that we create for you, but for now if you need a new email trigger created, just ask the FlightSpan dev team to do it for you.