Company Locations

If your organization operates out of multiple locations or bases, company locations can be created to filter certain aspects of FlightSpan™ Ops to one or more of the company locations. The chosen location filter will affect the following views:

  • Payments
  • Flight Requests
  • Scheduling Calendar
  • Schedule Detail
  • Flight Manifests
  • Flight Records
  • Cargo on Standby
  • Aircraft
  • Any list that includes staff
  • Pilot Logbook

Create Company Locations

Select Company from the Settings menu, then Company Locations List, and click the green plus button.

Complete as much location information as desired, and save.

The new location can be deleted as long as no staff have been assigned to the location.

Assign Assets

Assign staff to a location by opening the Staff/User detail, click edit, and select the desired location.

Assign aircraft to a location by opening the Aircraft Detail, click edit, and select the desired location.

Once staff and/or aircraft have been assigned to a location, they will show up on their respective tabs of the location detail.

Customize Reports

A limited number of reports can be customized for a location. From the Report Customizations tab of the location detail, click on the green plus button.

Choose the desired report type, the header or footer, enter the custom content and save.

The content will be displayed under the Report Customizations tab. If you want both a header and a footer, add them separately.