Flightspan™ Ops Release Notes 4.2.5

New Features

  • Introduce a New Quote Tool That Can Handle Multiple Legs, Pax Types, and Currencies.
  • Expand the functionality of Prepaid Accounts to be able to receive cash deposits and to maintain an account balance. Charges against these accounts are limited to the current balance.
  • Expanded Billing Export to accommodate ENDUE


  • Allowed user to clear purpose code on schedule leg form
  • Added Optional Linked Account Number(s) Field to Request User Registration Form
  • Added several additional totals lines to the Summary Accounts Report
  • Split Total Column in Electronic Receipt into Base column excluding price line items and Inclusive Column which includes price line items
  • Removeed “Tax Invoice” words from Account Charges Summary report
  • Updated and Optimized Language relating to the account_in and account_out fields of the Payment Types.
  • Modifie Aircraft Maintenance Hover Details (Hours To Next Maintenance) To Only Include Scheduled Hours After Previous Maintenance Event
  • Added a Permission allow certain users to See All Change History Details (FSO/Staff/ChangeHistoryViewAll)
  • Added two Reports Prepaid Account Balances: Prepaid Account Balances, Prepaid Account Statement
  • Updated Google Calendar authorization button in order to publish API app.
  • Added permission to allow staff to close a flight but not edit after it’s closed
  • Added a prompt prior to printing a payment receipt confirming the need to receive cash before printing
  • Excluded flight schedules associated with inactive aircraft from data sent to EFB
  • Updated Sage Export CSV files to be ordered by date and credit & debits
  • Change payment created date from date time to date in order to fix issue With date not being displayed in local time
  • Slight cosmetic changes to Flight Legs Grid
  • Disable Deposit Print Button with User Feedback When Action is Not Allowed
  • Updated Wording in FSO Weighting Instructions
  • Changed Destination label on manifest details view to “Initial Destination”
  • Prevented Bulk Flight Status Change by Period for users that do not have permission to edit Closed Flights
  • Allowed all prepaid accounts in billing export
  • Added Company Setting to Hide Schedule Leg – Schedule Note on Public (Show Schedule Leg Note On Public Schedules)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug caused by deleting all legs on a Schedule
  • Prevent Archiving a Payment when Payment has Linked Loads Even When Cost is Zero
  • Fixed a bug preventing additional images from uploading
  • Fixed a problem causing inaccurate Flight Cost Calculation
  • Expanded ability to specify Payment Type Credit Account from more than just Asset accounts
  • Fixed a bug causing Flight Details Hover to fail when ATD is not set
  • Fixed a bug in JAARS Statistics report including data without associated Staff Pilot
  • Fixed a Bug Causing Schedule Note to be Overwritten when Status is Changed

New Permissions

The following permissions are new and used for allowing a user to create update and delete non-flying/non-maintenance events on the scheduling calendar:

  • FSO/Account/PrepaidBalanceAdjustmentCreate
  • FSO/Payment/PrepaidAccountDepositPaymentCreate
  • FSO/Staff/ChangeHistoryViewAll
  • FSR/Payments/PrepaidAccountBalancesReport
  • FSR/Payments/PrepaidAccountStatementReport

Modified Permissions

The following permissions were previously named something else or in a different category:

  • FSO/Flight/FlightStatusUpdateSubmitted
  • FSO/Flight/FlightStatusUpdateReviewed
  • FSO/Flight/FlightStatusUpdateClosed
  • FSO/Flight/FlightStatusSetToSubmitted
  • FSO/Flight/FlightStatusSetToReviewed
  • FSO/Flight/FlightStatusSetToClosed
  • FSO/Billing/EmailStatements
  • FSO/Billing/ExportBillingData
  • FSO/Billing/ExportDeferredIncome
  • FSO/Billing/ExportStatements
  • FSO/Billing/AccountChargesSummaryPrint
  • FSO/Billing/LoadMergedReports
  • FSR/Payments/ExportBillingDataReport
  • FSR/Records/FlightAndDutyTimeExceedanceReport

New Settings

The following are new Company Settings introduced with this release:

  • quote_page_size
  • printed_quote_disclaimer_note
  • show_account_numbers_field_on_request_user_registration_form
  • show_schedule_leg_note_on_public_schedules
  • show_estimated_cost_of_flight_to_request_user