Crew Assignment

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FlightSpan uses a default standard crew weight of 90 kilograms for calculating payload if crew is not yet assigned. From the Aircraft EFB Preferences tab, you can set a different default crew weight for each aircraft type, if desired. 

Crew can be assigned or changed by clicking on the crew space on the upper portion of the flight on the scheduling calendar. 

Crew assignments can also be made from the Schedule Detail page. Endorsed means a pilot is authorized for the runways in the flight; you won’t be prevented from selecting a crewmember who is not endorsed. 

Note: A Planned status flight will not be available on the EFB until Pilot One has been assigned, unless company custom settings have been set to allow it.

Crew Availability

When making crew assignments, monitor the Stats section for crew availability.

Available Flight Time

Available flight time (or duty time, depending on the company setting) and Actual + Scheduled flight/duty within the calendar’s date range is displayed beneath the pilot name. In the following example, Joshua can fly a maximum of 30 hours in the selected one week date range in accordance with company fatigue rules, and the total of the time he has already flown in the scheduling period plus the flight time he is scheduled to fly totals 18.1 hours. 

Note: If, for example, you have fatigue rules set for 7 days, 30 days, and 1 year, when you select up to a one week date range, your one week rules will be reflected by the green Available number. As soon as the date range exceeds one week, your 30 day rule will be reflected. And as soon as you exceed 30 days, the annual limit will be reflected. 

To view availability based on multi-crew fatigue management rules, narrow the date range to one day.

Narrowing the range to one day will enable the multi-crew rules if a pilot has a multi-crew flight scheduled within that scope. If the pilot doesn’t have a multi-crew flight, the single crew rules will be used instead. in this example, company fatigue management rules allow 12 hours of flight time in 24 when multi-crew, and Joshua and Jessica are scheduled to fly together that day. Since Jake’s flight is single crew, he is only available for 9 hours of flight time.

Time Off

If a pilot is approved for time off within the calendar range, a yellow icon will appear by their name, and if you hover over their name the details will appear. 

Pilot time off is also visible on the monthly calendar.

Pilots with approved time off are not available to be scheduled.

Pilot Currency

If a currency event is due soon, hovering over their name will show the details.

If a pilot is due for a currency event a red check mark will appear, and hovering over the name will display the details of the alert. 

Duty Time

If the planned flight schedule causes duty time requirements to be exceeded, a red alert icon will appear, and hovering over the name will display the details of the alert. 

If the planned flight schedule causes rest time requirements to be exceeded, the same red alert icon will appear, and hovering over the name will display the details of the alert. 

Flight Time

If scheduled flight time during the calendar’s date range is greater than available flight time, the pilot’s name will turn red. Hover over the pilot name for the details of the exceedances.

Crew Roles

Crew roles can be assigned by clicking on the blue pencil icon, then editing the Schedule Leg Detail page. 

Note: It’s not required to fill out crew roles, but it saves time for the pilot if the scheduler is able to specify a crew role before the flight is synced to the EFB.

All subsequent legs will have the same crew roles assigned unless you make a change to that leg. A change will affect that leg only. 

If no crew roles are assigned, FlightSpan™ will assign the PIC role to Crew 1, and leave the Crew 2 role blank. 

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