Linking Payments

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Linking to Scheduled Flights

From the Payment

A Payment Load can be linked to a manifest using the blue airplane button. 

Search for, select, and link to an existing manifest. 

From the Schedule Detail

You can link a payment to a flight in the planning stages by going to the flight Schedule Detail page and clicking the light blue link button. Details are described in the Creating Loads training module. 

Once imported, the load can be moved to a manifest using the green move button.

Note: Cash payments must be linked to a manifest from the Payment Detail.

Once the load is imported to a flight the load number will show up on the Payment detail, and if it is associated with a manifest, the manifest number will show up as well. 

Linking to Completed Flights

From the Payment Record

Or a Payment Load can also be linked to a completed flight using the blue checkmark button. 

Note that Flight Records aren’t created until a flight is complete. If the flight is still in the planning stages, it won’t show up on the list. 

From the Flight Record

From the Flight Records page, open a flight record.

From the Loads Flown Section, click on the blue plus button to link a Payment Load.

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