Creating Payments

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There are multiple ways to create payments.

Method One – Create New

There are multiple places where you can access the New Payment form.

If you have added the shortcut to the Home page, create a new payment by clicking on the New Payment icon, 

Or from any page, select New Payment from the Payments menu. 

From the Payments List page click the green New icon,

Or from the Loads section of the manifest for a scheduled flight click the green plus button, and

Finally, from the Loads Flown section of a completed flight, click on the green plus button to create a New Payment Load.

Select from the company authorized forms of payment. 

If you choose a Charge Account as the payment method, all accounts which you are authorized to select from will show up on the list. The account will not be charged until the load is flown.

Enter payment details, then click the green plus icon to add the load. 

Add load details, then click Add Children or Add Infants as necessary.

Adults, children, and infants will each appear on the load list as separate line items. (This distinction of passenger types is made to accommodate certain ICAO data reports.)

If the company custom setting is enabled, Cash type payments will be automatically split so they can be easily edited from the schedule detail. 

Method Two – Create from Quote

From the Quote tool, click Create New Payment. A payment will be created with all the information that was included in the quote.

Method Three – Create from Request

From the Flight Requests page click the green Payment icon next to the flight request.

Or from the Flight Request Detail, click on the Create Payment button.

In both cases a new payment will be created with all the information that was included in the request.

Method Four – Import from Request

Open the New Payment page (as previously described) and click on the blue Import From Request button

Search using any of the available criteria – date, rate, destination, description, etc., select the desired flight request and click Link

Method Five – From Scheduling Calendar

This method happens automatically when the Flight Coordinator drags a flight request onto the schedule and adds it to a manifest if there is an account associated with the request. When asked if you want to create a manifest, select Yes.

The Payment for the load will be created and the payment number will be added to the manifest. 

Note: Since a Manifest is a collection of loads departing from bases where manifests are used (perhaps to multiple destinations) this method should only be used when scheduling outbound flights. Click here for a complete description of Flight Manifests.

Method Six – From DFR Upload

When a pilot has created loads on their DFR that have a valid account or cash receipt number, a payment is automatically created for these loads when the pilot uploads that DFR from the EFB to FlightSpan™ Ops.

Method Seven – From Cash Deposit

If a DFR is uploaded with an invalid receipt number, it will appear below the Data Entry Required section on the printed DFR. Deposit the cash, making corrections as necessary, and the payment record will automatically be created. The load portion of the Payment will need to be completed.

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