Linking Loads to a Manifest

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Add a New Load to a Manifest

You can add a load to an existing manifest by opening the manifest, scrolling down and clicking the green plus button to create a new Payment Load. See the Creating Payments lesson for greater detail.

If the payment is associated with an account, the payment will be added to the manifest.

If it’s a cash payment, print the receipt to activate the load.

Then manually link the load(s) to the manifest using the blue airplane icon.

From the manifest detail page, link an existing payment load to the manifest by clicking the blue plus button. 

Search using date, waypoint, load details, or any other data associated with the flight, select the load from the list and click Link. The list is arranged alphabetically by departure point, then destination, then by date. 

The selected load will be added to the manifest. 

If a non-manifest load has an associated account number or an associated Payment, it can be moved to the manifest by clicking on the blue Load button, then Move this load to a Manifest. 

Link to an existing manifest or select Create New. 

From the Payment page click on the airplane icon on the lower left to Link to an existing manifest. 

Select the desired manifest and click Link. 

From the Schedule Detail page, click on the manifest number.

Then click on the red unlink button.

Select whether you want to leave the load on the scheduled flight, or remove it from the flight.

Manifest status can also be linked, unlinked, created, or viewed from the Manifest column on the Scheduled Legs section of the Schedule Detail page. 

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