Additional Calendar Views

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Monthly View

The monthly view, which can be accessed from the Schedule menu, is particularly useful for the Flight Coordinator to maintain the big picture. 

Each pilot can be assigned their own color code from the Pilot Detail page.

Each aircraft type also can be assigned its own color code from the Aircraft Type Detail page.

The pilot color shows on the left of the flight. Two colors indicate two crew, and a light checker pattern indicates crew is not assigned.

The aircraft color shows in the inset box on the right of each flight over the aircraft type name.

You can choose to show or hide pilot time off, maintenance events, holidays, company events, or flights by clicking on the buttons on the left.

Hover over any item for more details.

Click on a flight for load details for each leg, and for the Edit button which takes you to the Schedule Detail. 

You can also filter for flights by schedule status, airport, region, aircraft, and pilot. Click Reset to restore the default of Planned, Confirmed, and Flown flights.

Switch between Week View and Month View using the toggle on the upper right.

Change to previous or next week/month using the arrows.

Click and drag to move a flight to a different date.

Click on a day to jump to that date on the Scheduling Calendar.

Two Day Schedule

The Two Day schedule is also accessed from the Schedule menu. 

The Two Day schedule shows today and tomorrow only. Hovering over a flight pulls up additional flight details. 

You can also filter by region if regions have been associated with the waypoints. 

The Two Day schedule can be useful on electronic signage. Tip: to show this (or any other schedule view) full screen simply add ‘?fullscreen=1’ to the url in your browser:

Two Week Schedule

The Two Week Schedule displays Sunday-Saturday for two weeks, and is also accessed from the Schedule menu. 

The two week schedule gives more details about flights. By default it only displays flights from today forward. 

If you wish to see older flights, click on the arrow to the right of the desired day to display the flight. 

If you wish to see a different two week period, use the arrows at the top to select the desired date range, 

Or click on the date range and select a date to jump to a two week window surrounding that date. 

You can search for specific destinations by identifier or load details (name for example) and applying a date range, then clicking the blue search icon. (Without a date range, results will be returned for all past and future flights with the search criteria.)

Google Calendar

The flight schedule may be linked to a Google calendar using the Google Calendar instructions.

Click on the event to pull up more details.

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