Step Seven: Create Data Substitutions

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Substitutions are used to modify or override the normally calculated rate in defined circumstances.

Select Data Substitutions from the Rate Adjustments List and click on the title to edit, or the green plus button to create new. 

Fill in the blanks, selecting from available options and calculation methods from the drop down lists to achieve your desired result. There are seven Rate options to choose from. 

Choose one of five available calculation methods. Selected Field refers to the Rate factor chosen in the previous step (cgo_weight in the example below). Criteria Value refers to the Adjustment Criteria selected in the next step.

Set the Adjustment Amount in the same units as the Rate, in this case 10 kilograms. Then select the adjustment criteria to achieve the desired result and save. In this example, each adult will receive a 10 kilogram free baggage allowance.

Set the Rounding Precision to determine which decimal place the rounding rule will be applied to.

Next scroll down and use the blue plus button to link the Data Substitution to each of the rates that will use it. 

You can Select all or search for and link rates individually.

Data Substitutions can also be linked to Rates from the Rate itself. From the Rate’s Data Substitutions tab click on the blue plus icon to add the Data Substitutions. 

Unlink Data Substitutions using the red Unlink icons. 

Note: Once a Data Substitution has been used with a Rate, it can no longer be unlinked from the Rate. Instead, set an expiration date so it can no longer be used.

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