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FlightSpan™ Ops provides you with a powerful Quote tool for quoting single or multi-leg flights for your customers. Once a quote has been generated it can be converted directly into a Payment or saved as a Flight Request.

Open the Quote tool from the Home page if you have added the shortcut, or from any page from the Payments menu.

Select the appropriate rate and enter the departure point and one or more destinations, then click Continue. (Entering the departure point only will create a local flight.)

For hourly rate quotes, it’s important to select the correct aircraft type. The aircraft type selected from the header will be applied to all legs.

If the selected rate has different charges per aircraft type, a different aircraft type can be chosen for each leg using the dropdown list in each section. When a different aircraft type is chosen, the aircraft in the header is cleared, and additional legs will default to the last used aircraft type.

Reset all aircraft to the same type using the aircraft window in the header.

A note entered in the header will be visible on the printed quote.

Cost will be calculated for non-hourly rates once the load is entered.

Time-based rates have the cost calculated based on the time en route. The time can be adjusted if needed.

Delete a leg, add a leg, and copy loads, rates, and load descriptions to the next leg using the buttons at the bottom.

When you copy the load, if you have more than one following leg you will be given the option of copying to just the next leg or all of the legs.

When adding a flight leg, the destination will default back to the departure point, but with the box opened to remind you to select the correct destination.

The Reset button at the top clears all load information from all legs and resets all rates and aircraft to the ones chosen on the initial page of the quote tool.

Add a markup and any manually entered surcharges as necessary. 

Remove markups and surcharges using their respective delete buttons.

Once the information is complete, you can Create New Payment, Save As Flight Request, or Print using the buttons at the top.

Create New Payment

Click Create New Payment, then edit the payment as necessary following the instructions in the Payments documentation.

Save as Flight Request

When saving as a flight request, create a request title if desired. The name of the person making the request, date, and purpose are required.

Only one flight request will be created. Edit the flight request and create new flight requests as necessary following the instructions in the Flight Requests documentation.


A printed Quote will have a Quote watermark to distinguish it from a receipt.

The note below the quote and the paper size and orientation are customizable in Company Settings.

Generate Quote from Flight Request

A quote can also be generated from a flight request. On the Flight Request Detail, the current calculated cost will be displayed.

Click Generate Quote, select the desired currency, and then Generate Quote again.

If the flight request was created by a customer through the customer flight request portal, and if the setting is enabled, they will receive an email notification with the quote amount.

The email can be enabled and the text of the email can be customized by selecting Requests under the Settings menu, then Email Notifications under the Notifications menu.

The estimated cost on the customer’s My Flights page will also be updated with the quoted amount.

Regenerate Quote

If your rates were to change after you gave a customer a quote, or if you edit the request to be different than that which was quoted, a yellow block with the updated amount will appear below the quoted amount, and the Print button will disappear.

Click Regenerate Quote to calculate the new quote.

Any time a Quote is generated or Regenerated, it can be printed using the blue Print icon, and if the quote originated from a customer flight request, it will send a new email and will update the customer’s My Flights page.

When viewing the Flight Requests page, the most recently generated quote amount will appear in the rightmost column.

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