Pilot Logbook Entries

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Logbook entries are made when completing and uploading the DFR. If your aircraft is equipped with v2Track, block times and landings should already be captured.

If you need to edit block times or enter them manually, tap on the block cell you wish to edit. Block Time defaults to Day for both the PIC and SIC (or for both the IP and PUI).

Block time is grayed out for an Observer, since an Observer cannot log flight time.

Tap on the Block Out and Block In cells to edit the block times.

Tap on the Day or Night cells to edit their respective values.

Day plus Night cannot exceed total block time.

Change landings by tapping on the Ldg column. The default is all landings are day landings assigned to the PIC or PUI, but landings can also be night, or credited to the SIC or IP.

If there are more than one takeoff and landing on a leg, when you change the landings, the same number of takeoffs as landings will initially be assigned to the same pilots under the same flight conditions.

Tap on the Edit Takeoffs button to adjust the takeoff assignments if needed. Total takeoffs must equal total landings.

If there is only one takeoff and landing on a leg, you can change the landing (or takeoff) to the other pilot, or change it to a night landing (or takeoff) without affecting the day takeoff (or landing) assigned to the PIC. 

Add IMC and/or Hood time by tapping on either the IMC or the Hood block. Times can be entered in 6 minute increments using the arrows.

Hood time cannot be entered unless a second pilot is filling an active crew role.

Tap the approaches column to add approaches,

Then tap the green plus button and select the type of approach.

Note: Add or edit approach types from Company Settings.

Tap the red trash icon to remove an approach.

When operating a helicopter, you have the option of two additional columns: External Load and Low Flight (required by certain regulators). These categories can be switched on in FlightSpan™ Ops, in the EFB Preferences section of the Aircraft Type view.

External Load time can be entered in one minute increments.

Low flight can be logged in six minute increments.

If any logging errors are made on the DFR, they can be corrected from FlightSpan™ Ops as described here.

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