FlightSpan Release Notes 8.5.5

What’s New:

  • Flight crews now have the ability to complete/sign off a pilot currency event in FlightSpan
  • All pilot currency events entered into FlightSpanOps will be synced to FlightSpan. To sign off an event (and create a billing entry for the event) create a new load item on the DFR and select the Non-Rev option for type of load:

  • All pilot currency events that you’ve set up in FlightSpanOps available to you and it will be noted with the “Tracked Currency Item” label. Crews are still able to record other training, checkout and checks that aren’t set up in FlightSpanOps by using the Training or Checkout items:

  • Selecting a “Tracked Currency Item” will create a DFR load item and charge it to your designated non-revenue account as well as sign off that currency event in FlightSpanOps.
  • FlightSpan will assign the currency event to whichever pilot is NOT listed as IP on the leg which you created the new load item from, so it’s important that you’ve got your CrewRoles for that leg set correctly (you can always delete the load item if you got it wrong, set the crew roles, and then recreate the tracked currency event line item).

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issue with incorrect weight and balance computation when a patient’s weight is entered on a stretcher