Refreshing the DFR 

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If changes to the flight are made in FlightSpan™ Ops after you download the flight, or if you make any changes on the EFB, you will be notified by a yellow note above the Legs section saying See Differences With Schedule. The Clear All button will also change to a Refresh button.

Note: FlightSpan™ will check for differences with FlightSpan™ Ops when:

  • The iPad has an internet connection and 
  • It’s been more than 5 minutes since the last check orYou sync with FlightSpan™ Ops

To see how this works, tap on Jessica Sparks in the header.

Now select Cancel/Clear to remove Jessica from the flight. A small window will pop up asking you to confirm removing Jessica from all the legs. Select Yes to confirm. (Her name will be replaced with a “No 2nd Crew” label.)

After five minutes, or if you click on the note, the green “Flight Matches Schedule” note changes to a yellow “See Differences With Schedule” note, and the Clear All button changes to a Refresh button. Tap the note to see the differences, or the Refresh button to skip straight to the next screen. 

Tap Pull Latest, then select All. 

Note: If you tap All, the entire flight will be updated, and any flight planning including W&B calculations you have done will be overwritten. If you tap Loads Only, just the LOAD section of the DFR will be updated. In both cases, loads you manually entered will be preserved. 

Note: If there was a change to flight legs but you don’t want to overwrite the planning you have done, you can compare the differences, and manually update the legs to match. 

If you update during a flight, only loads will be updated. Neither flight information nor flight legs will be changed. 

If your iPad isn’t connected to the internet for more than 5 minutes, the Flight Matches Schedule message will change to “(Time) since last sked check”.

If you try to refresh the schedule, you’ll get the following warning:

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