Wrapping it Up

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In this lesson you’ll learn how to check for NOTAMs, export to ForeFlight, and how to file a flight plan. 

Check the NOTAM section – company NOTAMs pertinent to your destinations are highlighted.

Export to ForeFlight if desired by tapping the ForeFlight button. 

Note: Use caution: if your route contains company user waypoints that are not in your ForeFlight application, then those waypoints will not be included in the route that displays in ForeFlight. To ensure all your company user waypoints are in ForeFlight, FlightSpan™ Ops has a feature that allows you to export your company’s user waypoints to a file formatted for import into ForeFlight

If you choose Actv, the altitude and route for the highlighted leg will be imported. If you choose All, the entire route will be imported, but due to ForeFlight limitations, the altitude from leg one will be applied to all legs. Neither wind nor fuel calculations will be imported in either case. 

Return to FlightSpan™ by switching apps or by tapping in the upper left corner. 

Note: When you export your route, ForeFlight won’t recognize most of the waypoints if you haven’t imported them into ForeFlight. 

Complete your Flight Plan by tapping Flight Plan.

FlightSpan™ will ask for your departure time, defaulting to 30 minutes from now.

You can change your departure time or expected average time on the ground using their respective buttons. 

You can also change individual leg ground times by tapping on the ground time hyperlinks. 

And you can change individual leg flight rules from the FlightSpan™ Ops company default by clicking on links in the IFR/VFR column. 

Email or print your flight plan in the desired format

Basic is intended for internal company use.

ICAO may be used to file your flight plan.

Operational puts key flight information at the pilot’s fingertips during the flight, and the Journey Log may be used by the pilot to document the flight progress. Both may be used to fulfill regulatory requirements for operational flight plans and journey logs if your regulator requires them.

Note:  To email your flight plan, Apple Mail must be set up on the iPad.

Next you’ll learn how to do weight and balance planning.

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