Block Times


INTRO: Prior to 8.7.1 FlightSpan added 1 tenth of an hour per landing to the flight time on a leg for pilot logbook/block time. Beginning with 8.7.1, FlightSpan will nowcapture Block Out and Block In times and use those for pilot logbook time.

HOW IT WORKS: Sending your trip manifest from the DEPART tab arms the app to detect the next movement of the aircraft as block out time. After landing, FlightSpan will log the block in time when the aircraft comes to a stop after landing—if the aircraft moves again the new block in time will overwrite the prior one.

NOTE: to capture block out and block in times accurately, FlightSpan needs to be open on the iPad when the aircraft begins moving for the purpose of flight and at the time the aircraft comes to a stop for the final time after landing.

Block Out/In are shown on the Post Landing Tab and are fully editable if for some reason they are not captured accurately. You’ll also note that ATD and ATA are also now shown on the Post Landing tab (and if your Company EFB Preference is set to allow edits you can edit these as well).

Block Time is shown as a single column on the DFR tab:

Tapping on that cell brings up the block time editing interface:

NOTE: if one or both block time entries are missing for a given leg, then FlightSpanOps will use the ‘add 1 tenth per landing’ for that leg for pilot logbook time.