FlightSpan™ Release Notes 9.0.7

FlightSpan 9.0.7 is a feature release with three new features, multiple enhancements and several bug fixes.

New Features:

  • Documents / Attachments
    • New in FlightSpan™ Ops version 4.3.1 is Document integration, giving your team the ability to upload documents to FlightSpan™ Ops and link those documents to flights, aircraft, staff, currency events etc. When documents in FlightSpan™ Ops are attached to a scheduled flight, to an aircraft, or to an airport/landing zone, those documents get downloaded to the EFB and are available for viewing. See full documentation here. (For documentation on how to use the FlightSpan™ Ops side of this feature, click here.)

  • Company Locations (Bases)
    • FlightSpan™ Ops version 4.3.1 introduced the ability to work with multiple company locations, or bases (documentation here). On the EFB, company locations is integrated into the Select Flight functionality, enabling you to filter what flights show up on the list based upon company location. Use this to filter the list to the company location you’re assigned to (note that you can select more than one company location). See documentation here.

  • Track Purpose on DFR Loads
    • FlightSpan™ has always allowed you to track the purpose of each flight leg; with FlightSpan 9.0.7 you can now also assign a unique purpose to each load carried. To enable this functionality, go to the Settings Menu > Company > [click on your company name] > EFB Preferences > [search for ‘purpose’] and turn the setting on:

With the company EFB Preference enabled, the purpose column is now visible in the DFR Loads section. Note that when you create a new load in the EFB, the purpose code will default to the purpose associated with the Rate you select–after the load has been created, you’re able to change the purpose to any purpose in the list.


  • Route Planner: Added the ability to sort GPS Routes Alphabetically

  • The optional Takeoff Performance Checkpoint is now customizable. This checkpoint displays a percentage of liftoff speed (Vr) at 50% of the takeoff roll. The default is to display 75% of Vr at the half way point of the takeoff roll, but this percentage of Vr is now customizable. See documentation here.

  • Minor change to the order of information in the notes field of the basic flight plan

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue where photos added to FlightSpan™ Ops runway/landing zone charts would not immediately sync to the EFB
  • Resolved issues setting landing fuel for multi-fuel tank aircraft (DC-3TP)
  • Resolved issue where manifests would not have their passenger or loading numbers refreshed when these were updated in FlightSpan™ Ops
  • Multiple other bug fixes

Build Info: 9.0.7001