FlightSpan Release Notes 9.0.6

FlightSpan 9.0.6 incorporates a number of significant enhancements in the Load section of the DFR as well as numerous other enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Flight crews now have the ability to add a Payment Load from FlightSpan Ops directly on the EFB. For full details on this new functionality, please see this documentation.

  • Added the ability to view FlightSpan Manifest details on the EFB. Simply tap a FlightSpan Manifest type load on the EFB (color coded with blue font) and you’ll see full details:

  • Aircraft can now have additional markup on their center of gravity envelopes. For instance, here is a Cessna 172 showing the utility category envelope.

Note that center of gravity envelope markups simply outline sections of the center of gravity envelope and provide no further functionality.

To add a markup to an aircraft type, please contact FlightSpan Support.

  • If you have not specifically approved an aircraft type for operations at a runway, you can now set a minimum length below which flight crews will get a warning on the Takeoff and Landing Performance tabs:

  • Aircraft color for flight plans is now set at the individual aircraft level (previously set at the aircraft type level) to accommodate fleets with aircraft of the same type having different colors.

  • Other Enhancements:
    • DFR Loads: when creating a load using a customer account, that account’s default rate is now auto-filled. After the load has been created, users may change the rate to something other than the account’s default rate if desired.
    • On Runway/LZ charts, the number of days since last operation at an airport before changing the banner to yellow/caution is now set at the aircraft type level (previously at the company level) so that you can set a different value for different aircraft types
    • Reformatted the Custom Takeoff Performance Marker to eliminate overlap with standard takeoff performance markers.
    • Changed Pilatus PC-6 quick seat buttons (W&B tab)
    • Added validation that prompts flight crews to confirm they are downloading or uploading the correct flight when they select a flight that is not for the current date.
    • Allowed for longer names for runway surface types (Performance tab)
    • When creating DFR Loads, Tracked Currency Items are now moved to their own list/group.
    • Enhanced the workflow when exporting a load from the W&B tab to the DFR.
    • Takeoff Performance: Added the ability for organizations to display and use an available length that exceeds their company’s standard Max Runway Usable setting.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with not being able to swap IP’s on a given leg
  • Fixed issue with White Space height not functioning on Runway / LZ charts
  • Resolved the error that resulted if a pilot or aircraft was made inactive in FlightSpan Ops, and that pilot or aircraft was used in the current, active DFR on the EFB
  • Resolved inconsistent flight and block time uploads
  • Improved non-V2 functionality / GPS stability
  • Fixed several issues with uploading DFR Loads with Outstation Fuel usage
  • Eliminated a potential for the On The Ground button on the Arrival Tab to indicate that the On The Ground message had sent before receiving verification that the message had been received by the v2 website.
  • Fixed issue with runway length and width not displaying correctly on Runway Charts when company length units and runway length units were not the same
  • Improved management of differences between FlightSpan Ops scheduled legs and loads and EFB legs and loads
  • Addressed issues printing Journey Log when uploading DFR’s
  • Resolved issues with Performance tab when density altitude computes to below sea level
  • Fixed errors that occurred if a flight was selected for download that had ‘No Route Data’ as it’s route.

Build Info: 9.0.6000