FlightSpan Release Notes 8.6.7

New Feature

  • Temperature and Pressure Altitude for takeoff & landing performance now derived from live weather data. Full documentation here.
  • 2 New Aircraft Types: Helio H295 Courier, Cessna U206G (Robertson STOL)

Minor Updates

  • Runway markers on Performance Tab use 100 foot increments when company length units are feet (i.e. not meters)
  • New 50% of takeoff roll carat on the runway on the Performance Tab showing 75% of rotation speed. (NOTE:
  • Added base takeoff roll number below the aircraft weight button on takeoff/landing performance tabs (This shows the base roll at the given density altitude before being adjusted for surface, wind and slope)
  • Added percent of change labels to wind and slope buttons on takeoff/landing performance tabs.
  • Changes for non-v2 equipped aircraft to use the iPad’s GPS as location source.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed create new DFR option from scratchpad
  • Fixed issue converting default pax weight to aircraft weight units
  • Max Takeoff weight and Max landing weight on printed DFR needed to be rounded
  • Fixed issue when importing a scheduled flight from FSO creates wrong Flight Levels (occurred only when switching  aircraft types)
  • Fixed issue on landing performance where switching runways didn’t change surface if new runway had a different surface
  • Fixed issue where if a single waypoint is used as a route point between departure and destination in FSO when creating a scheduled flight, that waypoint was used multiple times in the route when downloaded to the EFB