Loading Passengers

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In this lesson you’ll learn how to add your passengers. There are several methods for adding passengers.

A short tap on a seat adds the default weight (a company setting in FlightSpan™ Ops). A second short tap returns it to zero. 

You can fill all the seats to the default weight by tapping the Fill Seats button.

You can change the default passenger weight for this iPad by long tapping the Fill Seats button and entering your desired default. 

Note: The next time you Sync or refresh the DFR, the default will reset to the company value.

Long tap on a seat to manually set the passenger weight.

You can also split the passenger load. From the Load section of the DFR tab, you know you have three passengers totalling 163 kilograms. Go ahead and add your passengers using this method. When prompted, select Overwrite.

NOTE: With the Split Pax Load feature, FlightSpan™ defaults to filling seats starting with the copilot seat (if it is not occupied by a crew member and if your company has included the copilot seat in the autofill feature) and then the forward row, left to right, and moving aft. FlightSpan™ Ops will allow you to set up a custom seat-filling sequence for each aircraft type if desired.

In the next lesson you will learn how to load cargo. 

Video Version