FlightSpan Release Notes 8.7.0

FlightSpan 8.7.0 incorporates all of the changes in the incremental releases since 8.6.0 and the following new items:

New Features

Users may customize their maximum runway available for takeoff line that is drawn on the runway on the Performance Tab (default is 75%)

Users may customize the amount of runway used to position the aircraft for takeoff used in performance calculations on the Performance Tab (default is 12 meters)

Users may choose to use the Pressure Altitude and OAT from an online source OR set a default Qnh and ISA for their operations.

The three preceding settings may be set at: Settings > Aircraft Type List > [select aircraft type] > EFB Prefs tab > search for ‘takeoff’

v2 Track FlightWatch feature can now be set to be activated and deactivated with the Send Manifest and On The Ground buttons (only applicable to aircraft operating in the U.S.)

Turn this setting on or off at: Settings > Company > [click on your company name] > EFB Preferences tab > search for ‘flightwatch’

Helicopter type aircraft now have the ability to create new helipads or landing zones (or edit existing ones) directly from within the EFB. Here’s a short video tutorial.

Minor Changes

Changed the Direct Nearest algorithm for much better performance with large lists of waypoints.

Bug Fixes

Apostrophe’s in account names throws an error

Too many decimal points in reserve fuel on Nav Grid

U206-G ownship not showing on MAP tab

Aircraft weight list on Performance TAB was missing some weight increments

RoutePlanner: clicking Back to <home base> throws an error if done too quickly

Flight Plan output PDF not including all legs

Flight plan output to ForeFlight rearranges waypoints

Performance Tab: occasionally runway surfaces would not be correct

“-Pods” feature converting from non-metric units