FlightSpan Release Notes 8.6.0

New Features

Multiple DFRs can now be created for same pilot, aircraft and date

Airport, runway, helipad or landing zone photos can be uploaded along with (or in lieu of) runway/landing zone charts

Auxiliary Fuel tanks have a new interface and multiple different aux fuel tanks may be installed at the same time.

Manifests can be downloaded to the EFB on flights that were not created from a schedule.

Three new models of aircraft: Robinson R-66, Cessna U206, Helio H-295 Courier

HIGE/HOGE formatting changes (for rotor wing performance)

Minor Changes

Disabled aircraft and crew buttons on W&B tab (make changes on the DFR tab)

When no runway/lz chart exists, coordinates are shown in 3 formats.

For time based rates, the app now sequences from rate selection directly to data entry of minutes and skips cargo & pax

App structure changes to handle large numbers of waypoints

Keyboard moves out of the way when a picklist is scrolled.

Bug Fixes

Corrected issue where departure fuel on NAV tab would occasionally be incorrect.

Handle apostrophes in accounts, flight requests, loads descriptions.

Change DFR picklist: routes now ordered correctly

Change DFR picklist: removed flights older than 3 workdays ago

Rate picklist: fixed issue with yellow box highlighting selection being off by one box when default rate feature is in use

Fixed the Route grid not reformatting correctly after an insert

Fixed issue with New DFR and Clearing DFR not resetting Hobbs times and and “Uploaded to Server” button

Fixed rounding issue that could cause Aircraft weight in Load Summary (W&B tab) to be off by one unit of weight

Fixed issue where waypoint search box was closing even when “Keep Waypoint Search Open” EFB setting from EFB was set correctly

Fixed issue with error in aircraft weight calculation on rear seats (Bell LongRanger)

Fixed issue with some text overwriting other text on W&B Tab

Fix issue where manifest’s unlinked related to cash deposits being completed