FlightSpan Release Notes 8.8.5


Flight crew now have the ability to pull up the 2 week flight schedule from the EFB.

Use the new icon on the DFR tab to pull up the 2 week flight schedule covering the current week and the upcoming week:

The 2 week schedule will be periodically refreshed in the background and when you tap on the icon FlightSpan will attempt to refresh the schedule at that time as well–if you are out of internet coverage then the 2 week schedule will load with the most last data stored locally and provide information on how old the data is:

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected an issue in 8.8.4 where the Legs section of the DFR tab would not refresh when a flight was constructed manually on the NAV tab
  • Fixed issue with cargo weights not being uploaded to FlightSpan Ops for DFR loads having flight-time based rates


  • Robinson R66 passenger seats are now restricted to 300 lbs max (per AFM limitation)